Shape Type: Toilet & Personal Hygiene

Pattern Type: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Date: 1826 - 1838

Maker: Thomas Mayer

Maker's Mark:


Maker's Mark:



An earthenware ewer and basin printed in two of Thomas Mayer's Canova Series patterns:  The ewer is printed in the assigned pattern name Canova #8 and the basin is in Canova #6.  The patterns are documented in the Transferware Collectors Club Pattern and Source Print Database.  The borders are printed in pink and the centers in green.  Mayer used a different central pattern for each item produced in this series.  The gondola, for which the pattern is named, is not seen in all of the center patterns, however, a large urn of varying shapes on a pedestal, also of different shapes, is consistently present in each pattern. This pattern is said to have been one of the most sought after light colored subjects to be collected as a set in America.   It was produced in pink, black, blue, brown, green, purple, and combinations of two colors. Additional makers of this pattern include George Phillips and Goodwins & Harris.