Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Miscellaneous

Date: 1830-50


  • Height: 6.89 in (17.50 cm)

Maker: D&S

Maker's Mark:



Earthenware jug of molded form with complex handle.  The spout is modelled as an animal head; the contents of the jug had to be poured through the open mouth. The jug has a brown sheet pattern with a background of conventional scrolls and flowers and with a vase and panels of classical motifs.  The print is painted over the glaze with enamel colors in yellow, pink, green, and blue.

The base has a brown printed mark which includes the initials D&S and the number 21.  The number is likely to be the pattern number as this design and mark appears on at least one jug of a different shape.  The initials have been associated with at least two manufacturers and for a discussion of this please check in the Who made it section.