Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Chinese, Asian and Other Exotic Themes

Date: 1800


  • Height: 8.50 in (21.59 cm)

Maker: Unknown


A pearlware commemorative jug printed in blue with a line engraved Chinaman with Rocket pattern.  This pattern was produced on pearlware by several unknown potters and by Ralph Stevenson and Minton.  It is most commonly found on hollow ware.  The border, known as the Bell Border, is usually found with this pattern. The Chinaman with Rocket  pattern originated in the late 18th century and has its origin in an early hand-painted Chinese porcelain pattern. Painted in brown underglaze is the name of  "James Taylor" and  "Heywood" with the date "1800".  Heywood is a small town situated north of Manchester in Lancashire.