Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Animals

Date: 1820-1830


  • Height: 5.50 in (13.97 cm)

Maker: Unknown


An earthenware Dutch shaped jug with molded loop handle printed in black and painted both underglaze and overglaze in multiple colors with rust red serving as the ground color.  Three distinct patterns are found in cartouches, each with a different scene:  One comprised of a rooster, two hens and three chicks in a farmyard setting.  The hen and rooster attempt to fight off a bird of prey that threatens to steal one of the chicks.  The pattern on the opposite side is of three exotic birds.  The third pattern, found in a cartouche under the spout is of an idyllic village scene.  A floral and botanical border is used on the inner and outer rims with the latter containing small cartouches of exotic birds.  The maker of this jug is unknown.  These jugs were produced in different sizes and examples are known with silver luster.  Thus far, only one source for the patterns has been identified (see the Frances Barlow below) but they may have been inspired by Aesop's Fables.