Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Commemorative, Heraldic and Historical Events

Date: 1799


  • Diameter: 5.00 in (12.70 cm)
  • Height: 7.99 in (20.30 cm)

Maker: Caughley


This jug was made in 1799 for the Wenlock Loyal Volunteers.  This was a local volunteer corps, in which Thomas Turner, the proprietor of the Caughley factory, was a captain. At this time volunteer units were raised for the defence of the realm against a possible French invasion and the risk of internal riots. The name of the corps on a garter forms a border inside the neck.  Below the spout is placed the Royal Arms surrounded by flags and weapons.  To each side of the arms are two volunteers standing to attention beside a flagstaff.  This motif also appears as separate prints on each side of the neck of the jug. 

This very rare Loyal Volunteers print is also found on another jug made for the Brimstree Loyal Legion, with the name of that corps in the border.  These jugs are fully discussed in Caughley Blue & White Patterns p.58.