Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Naval and Marine

Date: 1800-1810


  • Height: 6.14 in (15.60 cm)

Maker: Unknown

Engraver: John Mollart

Engraver's Mark:



Creamware mug made and decorated in Staffordshire. On the front is a black print depicting a sailor and his lass looking towards a sailing ship at sea. The scene is titled "TOM TRUELOVE GOING TO SEA" and at the bottom right hand of the print is the engraver’s inscription Mollart Sculp.  The print bleeds off the top edge of the mug suggesting it was designed for a larger piece.

Tall jugs are recorded with this printed subject including a rhyme “The calls of love and duty bind,/And rouse me in my countrys cause;/Then shall I lingering stay behind?/And make a weak disgraceful pause.” Additional prints on such jugs include another maritime/sailor subject entitled “POOR JACK” and a version of “COME BOX THE COMPASS” both with accompanying verses.