Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Portraits

Date: 1758-1760


  • Height: 3.50 in (8.89 cm)

Maker: Samuel Gilbody Liverpool

Engraver: Jeremiah Evans

Printer: John Sadler

Maker's Mark:

Engraver's Mark:


A Gilbody porcelain mug bearing a very rare print of the King of Prussia in court dress.  Like many such prints it is erroneously entitled Frederick III, when it should be Frederick II.  The print is signed Gilbody Maker on the left and Evans Sct on the right.  Jeremiah Evans was an engraver employed by John Sadler.  Only three examples of this print are recorded.  The other two are on a Worcester mug and a Chaffers jug.  In the latter case, the signature Gilbody Maker has been removed from the print.  The confusing situation, whereby a print signed Gilbody Maker should appear on a Worcester mug, is fully discussed by Maurice Hillis in Liverpool Porcelain 1756-1804 page 287 & 525-6.