Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Date: 1831-1835


  • Diameter: 10.50 in (26.67 cm)

Maker: Job & John Jackson

Maker's Mark:



An earthenware plate with the central landscape of an imaginary Spanish scene printed in black. The border pattern consists of medallions featuring a second landscape alternating with ovals containing a floral spray, printed in blue. This two-color pattern is printed on a deeply scalloped and pointed form.  The series was printed in several colors and in a combination of pink with green as well as blue with black.  The pattern is one of a series named Valencia that depicts a different scene on each size and shape.  It is known on both dinner and tea wares.  The pattern is easily confused with the Spanish Convent pattern made by William Adams & Sons, since the two factories used many of the same center views.