Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Plants

Date: 1820-1825


  • Diameter: 9.75 in (24.765 cm)

Maker: Josiah Wedgwood

Engraver: Semei Bourne

Maker's Mark:



An earthenware plate printed in brown with the Water Lily pattern and painted with red and with gild decoration added to the pattern and the rim. The simple but elegant border design consists of  interlocking rings.  The center pattern consists of three flowers: The Sacred Lotus of Buddha, the Starry Water Lily, and the Lotus of Egypt. The pattern was originally engraved in 1806 by Semei Bourne for printing in brown with enameled decoration, and was re-engraved in various versions between 1807 and 1809.  However, the pattern was expensive and difficult to make. In 1811, Josiah II gave instructions that it should be removed from display, saying it would be reissued in blue with an altered border. The resulting pattern was one of the finest of the period, and it enjoyed a long life. See examples of the blue printed version below.