Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Date: 1831-1835


  • Diameter: 10.25 in (26.035 cm)

Maker: Job and John Jackson

Maker's Mark:



This earthenware plate, printed in brown with a view of City Hall, New York from the American Scenery Series contains, inserted into the upper-center border, a medallion honoring the 6th Regiment of the U.S. Infantry. The regiment, formed in 1812 and known as “The Regulars,” was led by Zachary Taylor, who later became the twelfth President of the United States. The group motto, “Regulars, By God,” was adopted after the Battle of Chippewa, July 5, 1814, during the Niagara campaign of the War of 1812. British General Sir Phineas Riall mistook the approaching American regiment for militia, who the British had previously defeated at Queenstown Heights. However, Gen. Riall’s British troops met a stronger U.S. infantry force than anticipated and were defeated.  Realizing his mistake, Riall is said to have cried "Those are Regulars, By God!"  The Niagara campaign was the main American offensive effort of 1814.