Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Animals

Date: 1825-1830


  • Length: 13.25 in (33.655 cm)
  • Width: 10.50 in (26.67 cm)

Maker: John Hall (& Sons)

Maker's Mark:



An earthenware platter printed in blue with the Stag or Red Deer pattern. The source prints for the center as well as all of the animals in the four cartouches are from A Cabinet Of Quadrupeds by John Church, 1805.  The animals in the border cartouches are clockwise from the top: a Zebu or Indian Ox, a Porcupine, an Ass, and a Ratel (top of cartouche) and Badger (bottom of cartouche).  The pattern is also found on a pie dish, which is sometimes known as an open vegetable dish.