Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Genre Scenes

Date: 1855-1900


  • Diameter: 4.00 in (10.16 cm)

Maker: F. & R. Pratt & Co.


An earthenware pot lid multicolor printed with a genre scene  titled "The First Appeal" which is printed on the lid.  A good example of  multiple-plate multicolor printing by hot press.  The two registration dots used so that each plate could be lined up exactly on the dots printed by the previous plate can be seen at either side of the lid.  Although it cannot be seen here, text was usually printed around the border that read "I CONSENT SHE REPLIED IF YOU PROMISE THAT NO JEALOUS RIVAL SHALL LAUGH ME TO SCORN".  The verse is taken from a Victorian song titled The Thorn.  The design is based on a painting by Frank Stone. The Pratt factory produced this design from about 1855 to the end of the 19th century.