Boitard (Engraver)

Louis Philippe Boitard (active 1734-1760) is supposed to have been the son of an immigrant French artist. In 1751 he was living in Lambeth Marsh. It is likely that he engraved for the Battersea enamel factory. A small album in the British Museum contains six engravings, of which two are signed by Hancock as engraver, one by Boitard as engraver, and two by Boitard as artist and by Hancock as engraver. Robert Hancock made a series of engravings after Boitard, some of which are dated 1754, which appear both on enamelled metalwork and on Worcester porcelain. Boitard was evidently an important influence upon the younger Hancock. As engraver Boitard signed a print of Les Amusements Champetres which is found on an early Worcester porcelain bowl.