Charity, leading two small boys.  There is a scroll inscribed "For the Service of our Country" beside this group and to the right a further group of four children and a seated woman.  These prints appear to be based upon the frontispiece of Jonas Hanway's Motives for the Establishment of the Marine Society (1757).  This was engraved by T Major after S Wale.  The bowl is also decorated with a print of a naval battle and, inside, with a portrait of George II.

The Marine Society's objective was to take orphaned boys from the streets and to clothe and train them for service in the Royal Navy or the merchant service.

At 6 inch diameter, this is probably a small punch bowl for individual use.  Its subject matter makes it an unlikely candidate to be part of a tea set.

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Source Description:

This frontispiece was engraved by Thomas Major and designed by Samuel Wale.

Additional Image:

The second, right hand,  part of the Marine Society design.


This print of a naval battle is also part of the decoration on the Marine Society bowl.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Naval and Marine

Date: c. 1757-1760


  • Diameter: 6.10 in (15.50 cm)

Maker: Worcester


This Worcester porcelain bowl is decorated with a print of Britannia.  To the left of this is a print of three boys who are changing into new clothes.  The tallest of these has a scroll with the words "Marine Society" beside him.  To the right of Britannia is another print, seen below, showing a figure, perhaps symbolic of Charity, leading two small boys.  There...