Bridgeless Chinoiserie, or  Chinoiserie Bridgeless and Bridgeless Willow.  The pattern is based on an 18th century Chinese export porcelain design.   Copies of the pattern were produced on pearlware by a number of different potteries including  Davenport, Geddes, Don Pottery, T & J Hollins, Minton and Stevenson.

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Additional Image:

A view of one side of the jug.

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View of the opposite side of the jug.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Chinese, Asian and Other Exotic Themes

Date: 1811


  • Height: 7.25 in (18.415 cm)

Maker: Unknown


An earthenware jug printed in blue with the Hermit pattern.   Overglaze brown enameling was applied to the rim and the handle and a line was added near the base of the vessel.  Also painted in overglaze brown enamel is the name "JOHN-HIGGINS" and "CLERK", and the date "1811."  It is unusual to see the vocation of an individual printed or painted on commemorative...