This jug is a a key piece for identifying black-prints used at Herculaneum, including the borders, trophies and floral sprigs as well as the portraits. There are unmarked portraits of Washington and Jefferson which can be attributed to George Martin by comparison with this jug and with a marked Herculaneum jug in the Teitelman Collection.

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National Museums Liverpool T1983.2010


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Source Description:

Horatio, Lord Nelson engraved by W. Evans after H. Edridge, 1798. 

Additional Image:

Lord Duncan, victor of the Battle of Camperdown.

Additional Source Image:

Adam Duncan, 1st Lord Duncan, engraved by J. Ward after J. Hoppner, 1798.


Lord Jervis, victor of the Battle of St Vincent.

Additional Source Image 2:

John Jervis, Earl of St Vincent, engraved by John Raphael Smith after Gilbert Stuart, 1797.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Naval and Marine

Date: c. 1805-1810


  • Diameter: 12.24 in (31.10 cm)
  • Height: 16.30 in (41.40 cm)
  • Length: 14.69 in (37.30 cm)

Maker: Herculaneum Pottery

Engraver: George Martin

Engraver's Mark:

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Enormous pearlware jug made at the Herculaneum Pottery, Toxteth, Liverpool, printed in black with the British naval heroes Nelson, Duncan and Jervis. The Nelson portrait states that he "conquered and fell with glory at Trafalgar" and is signed "G MARTIN Sculp[sit]", i.e. engraved it. Duncan and Jervis are engraved in the same style as Nelson. George Martin is listed in the registers of the...