Two Temples II, Variation Broseley pattern, reversed.  The butterfly border is printed on the rim and pedestal base.

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Additional Image:

The opposite side of the cup is printed in the Two Temples II, Variation Broseley pattern, reversed.


A close-up of the hand painted rhyme found on one side of the cup. The panel's verse reads:

"IF This cup Was

higher and Whider

It Whould hould

More Toast and Cyder". 

Note the spelling of the words "wider", "would", "hold", and "cider". 


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Chinese, Asian and Other Exotic Themes

Date: 1802


  • Height: 6.50 in (16.51 cm)
  • Width: 9.25 in (23.495 cm)

Maker: Unknown


A rare commemorative pearlware loving cup printed and painted underglaze in blue.  On one side is a hand painted rhyme along with the initials "BR" and the date "1802" framed with a border of geometric design which is, in turn, surrounded with floral sprays (see a close-up of the rhyme below).  Printed on the other side is the Two Temples II, Variation Broseley pattern, reversed. ...