Print P271 is from the Landscapes Series.  Reference Drakard, David and Holdway, Paul. Spode Transfer Printed Ware, 1784-1833. Woodbridge, Suffolk, Antique Collector's Club, Inc., 2002.


" /> Printed British Pottery & Porcelain | Milk Jug

Additional Image:

Shown here is a view of the side of the jug revealing the shape of the handle.


Shape Type: Breakfast & Tea Wares

Pattern Type: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Series Type: Landscapes Series

Date: c. 1810-1815


  • Diameter: 3.50 in (8.89 cm)
  • Height: 3.75 in (9.525 cm)

Maker: Spode


A Dutch shape milk jug, the red earthenware body is coated with a dark brown slip except for an oval cartouche beneath the lip which has a white slip ground within a gilt border.  The cartouche has a black bat print of a castellated building with a horse and figures in the foreground. There is additional gilding to the rim and handle.