Courtesy of the Royal Crown Derby Museum

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This print of Queen Charlotte includes a cherub above her head who carries a scroll inscribed Crown'd Sept. 22nd 1761.

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This print of Britannia with Minerva includes Holdship's anchor rebus as printer and the mark Derby.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Commemorative, Heraldic and Historical Events

Date: 1761


  • Height: 5.12 in (13.00 cm)

Maker: Derby

Printer: Josiah Holdship


This important mug is in the Royal Crown Derby Museum.  It was made to commemorate the coronation of George III and Queen Charlotte on the 22nd September 1761 and, as well as prints in black of their Majesties, it bears a print of Britannia and Minerva.  The latter print is signed with an anchor (the rebus for Holdship) and the word DERBY.  This would...