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Source Description:

Title: Coghill Hall, Yorkshire
Artist: Unknown
Engraver / Plate Maker: Unknown

This print appears in Marshall's Select Views in Great Britain. Home of the Coghill family until 1796 when it became known as the Conyngham Hall.

Additional Image:

In this overhead view of the syllabub cup the 10 states' names on its inside rim can be seen.


Shape Type: Breakfast & Tea Wares

Pattern Type: Commemorative, Heraldic and Historical Events

Featured Series Type: States Border Series - Clews

Date: c. 1828-1835


  • Height: 3.50 in (8.89 cm)

Maker: Ralph & James Clews


This earthenware syllabub cup (used for a hot drink of milk mixed with sugar, wine and sometimes egg whites) shows view No. 14 in David and Linda Arman's numbering system.  The border on the interior of the cup includes only 10 of the 15 states used in this design. Shown as an additional image below is a view from above the cup. The central pattern...