Hard-paste porcelain produced like this is difficult to decorate with underglaze blue prints, as the low fired body can be damaged by the force needed for the application of the transfer print.  It seems likely, therefore, that Richard Champion had the body fired to a higher temperature, so that is was hard enough to withstand the printing process. 

" /> Printed British Pottery & Porcelain | pickle leaf

Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Plants

Date: c. 1773-76


  • Width: 4.50 in (11.43 cm)

Maker: Bristol Richard Champion


This Bristol hard-paste porcelain pickle leaf is printed with floral sprays and has a moulded back.  Traditionally, hard-paste porcelain was given an initial low temperature firing that hardened it enough for it to be handled and given underglaze painted decoration.  It was then glazed and the body and glaze matured together at high temperature.  Hard-paste porcelain produced like this is difficult to decorate with...