American Scenery, JACKSON'S WARRANTED". In addition to the printed maker’s mark, another small printed mark and three impressed marks appear.

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Source Description:

A small portion taken from the right side of View of Newburgh, New York, a drawing by W. G. Hall, showing the small cluster of houses with two cows pastured in front, one standing and the other lying down.The drawing was engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co.; published in The History and Topography of...


Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Featured Series Type: American Scenery - Job and John Jackson

Date: c. 1831-1835


  • Diameter: 4.10 in (10.414 cm)

Maker: Job and John Jackson

Maker's Mark:

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Worker's Mark:

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An earthenware cup plate with a gadroon edge, printed in purple with a portion of Newburgh, New York, from the American Scenery Series; just the actual small village was employed for this small cup plate.  Despite its small size, the cup plate contains the full series border, albeit much smaller in size than the larger pieces. The printed mark reads "American Scenery, JACKSON'S WARRANTED"....