ECC Transactions, Volume 12, Part 3, 1986, pp.255-264.  This version of Classical Figures with the inner floral border has been assigned the name Classical Figures and Daisy in the TCC Pattern and Source Print Database.

View a second example of multicolor printing by Wedgwood & Co.

" /> Printed British Pottery & Porcelain | plate

Additional Image:

A closeup of the two borders, the outer one printed in brown, the inner floral design printed in blue-green and painted.


The central line engraved pattern printed in brown.


Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Literature, Classical, Mythology, and the Arts

Date: c. 1790-1798


  • Diameter: 8.00 in (20.32 cm)

Maker: Wedgwood & Co

Maker's Mark:

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An octagonal shaped earthenware plate.   This is an early example of printing in two colors.  The central pattern and outer border are printed in brown.  The inner border design of a string of flowers is printed in blue-green with a bluish wash added and blue and yellow colors painted in to create the interesting floral pattern.  A chemical analysis of this second underglaze...