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Source Description:

The source print, Rhinoceros, is from A Cabinet Of Quadrupeds by John Church, 1805.  The artist is Julius Caesar Ibbetson and the engraver is James Tookey.

Additional Source Image:

The Rhinoceros by Thomas Bewick, from his 1790 book The General History of Quadrupeds, is very similar to the source print from A Cabinet of Quadrupeds by John Church seen above.  The Bewick source print references the work of both Linnaeus and Buffon, other early naturalists.  The naturalists did copy from one another.


Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Animals

Featured Series Type: Quadrupeds - Hall

Date: c. 1825-1830


  • Length: 17.00 in (43.18 cm)
  • Width: 13.50 in (34.29 cm)

Maker: John Hall (& Sons)

Maker's Mark:

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An earthenware platter printed in blue in the Rhinoceros pattern.  The animals in the cartouches clockwise from the top are an Arabian Horse, a Nylgau or White-Footed Antelope, a Stag or Red Deer, and what has been described as either a Tiger or a female Lion.  The first three cartouches were copied from A Cabinet of Quadrupeds by John Church, 1805.  The last cartouche...