Items selected for exhibition in this section include examples of patterns printed from early line-engraved copper plates and, beginning in about 1803, from combined line and stipple engraved plates.  During this period, single color printing was predominantly achieved using blue, brown, black, or rust red. Many early patterns were inspired by popular painted designs found on Chinese export porcelain.  These patterns are often referred to as Chinoiserie or designs after the Chinese style.  Asian and other exotic designs along with classical and genre scenes were also popular.  In the latter part of this period, some factories began to produce series patterns mainly for dinner and dessert wares.  In the case of series patterns, the same border pattern was repeated while the central pattern was, with some exceptions, different for each object included in the service or set.  Spode's Indian Sporting series is one example. A selection of ten important series patterns is also included in this exhibition and can be viewed by selecting Series Patterns from the "What Did They Make" page.