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Addison, Falconer & Co. (Maker)

Addison Falconer & Co., Newcastle Pottery

The pottery of Spearman & Co at Sinner’s Burn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne was taken over by Addison, Falconer & Co. in 1790 and was named Newcastle Pottery.[i]  The nearby engraving workshops, including that of Thomas Bewick, supplied copperplates for pottery printing.[ii]  

It seems likely that Addison was the practical potter; Alexander Falconer is listed as a schoolmaster in the The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, published in the 1790s. When Falconer died in 1804  the family retained an interest in the pottery until 1824 when the firm continued as Addison & Co.[iii]

Newcastle Pottery was offered for sale in March 1825 ‘All the machinery, Utensils, Materials and Stock of Earthenware of the Newcastle Pottery’ were to be sold by Public Auction.  By 1827 the pottery was managed by Taylor & Son who probably sold it three years later to Armstrong Redhead & Co.[iv] 

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