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Baddeley-Littler (Maker)

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bad-litGeoffrey Godden adopted the designation Baddeley-Littler[i] for a group of porcelain which he dates c.1777-1790. He has also written that the name “does not reflect a known partnership’[ii] and has invited others to contribute their theories as to the maker of this interesting group.  So far no other theories have been presented.

Currently these wares are believed to have been produced in Staffordshire c. 1777-90.  The beginning date reflects the concept of the involvement of William Littler after his return to Staffordshire in 1777 after a failed porcelain making venture at West Pans in Scotland.  Littler was experienced in producing a frit-type soft paste porcelain at both West Pans and a previous, also failed porcelain factory at Longton Hall in Staffordshire. When this later group of porcelain was found to be of a similar frit porcelain body Godden attributed them to Littler working in Staffordshire following his return to the county after the Scottish venture.  Littler was not in a position to operate his own manufactory, Godden has posited that Ralph Baddeley was manufacturing porcelain in Staffordshire and that it is reasonable to conclude that these wares were produced by him with the technical assistance of William Littler.  William Littler died in October 1784, and it is possible that Baddeley continued making porcelain for a time after that date but is unlikely to have continued past 1790.

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