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Barr, Flight & Barr (Maker)

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   flight works                                                                               Flight & Barr Trade card © British Museum

Thomas Flight and his sons, Joseph and John had experience as retailers of Worcester porcelain but not as manufacturers when they purchased the company in 1783.  They were soon in difficulties and their chief decorator Robert Chamberlain left to set up his own business.   In 1792 the surviving brother Joseph took Martin Bar as a partner, trading as Flight & Barr.  In 1804 the firm was operating as Barr, Flight & Barr and Martin Barr junior had joined the firm.   The manufacturing partnership continued until 1813, when on the death of Martin Barr senior there were new changes to the official title of the firm which became Flight, Barr & Barr. The partnership of Joseph Flight, Martin Barr, and George Barr continued until Flight’s death in 1838 when the Martin and George Barr decided not to continue the business and it was amalgamated  with the larger and more successful Chamberlain company.

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