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Bathwell & Goodfellow (Maker)

The pottery of Rhead and Goodfellow had been in business for many years when in 1816 William Rhead died and left his share in the partnership to his brother-in-law William Bathwell and to four nephews, William, Thomas, and Elijah Bathwell and John  Rhead.   The older William Bathwell was an experienced potter and with his sons and nephew joined in partnership with Thomas Goodfellow at the Phoenix Works in Tunstall.    None of the Bathwells fared well and the partnership only lasted until 1823.  Thomas Goodfellow continued in business until his death in 1827, and was succeeded by his son Thomas jnr.  who was in business until his death in 1858, then the company was run by his executors on behalf of his young daughter until it was sold in about 1861.

It is possible that unmarked wares may have been made by any of the three partnerships operating the Phoenix pottery as the company was never closed or sold during the first half of the 19th century and experienced only changes in partnership.

Phoenix works

Phoenix Works, Tunstall, c.1800

For more information see
Goodfellow, Peter S., "The Goodfellow factories in Burslem and Tunstall" Northern Ceramic Society Journal 17, 2000.