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George Frederick Bowers (Maker)

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bowersIt is not known exactly when George Frederick Bowers became a manufacturer.  From the documentary evidence is unclear whether he was in business as early as 1841 or 1842, however on 14 December 1843 a teapot shape, design number 12331, was registered in the name of George Frederick Bowers and Company, Brownhills China Works, Tunstall, Staffordshire.  By 1850 the firm was making both earthenware and porcelain and their products won a gold medal at the 1851 Exhibition. George Frederick Bowers died on 1 January 1867. It’s likely that his son Frederick Tom Bowers took over the factory, he is listed as an earthenware manufacturer in trade directories and in the 1871 census.  The last full reference to Bowers is in Harrods Directory of 1870 and reads
BOWERS FREDERICK T. manufacturer of improved porcelain, ironstone, earthenware, and white granite, in superior printed Japan and other dinner, dessert, toilette, tea and breakfast ware, gilded and ornamented – awarded prize medal, London 1851, for home and foreign markets – Brownhills Pottery.

 By 1881 Frederick was no longer concerned with the pottery business, he lived with his wife Mary Jane (néé Hall) his children, and his wife’s brothers in a house with three servants. They all listed their occupation as property owner.  Frederick died on 18 Dec 1889.  His probate was a mere £25, but he must have made good provision for his wife as she continued live on her own funds as head of the house with her brothers and servants.

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