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Walter Daniel (Maker)

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The rare impressed mark W. DANIEL has been attributed to Walter Daniel, a member of the propseous and well established Daniel family of Burslem, Staffordshire.  He is first mentioned in Bailey's Northen Directory of 1781 as a potter of Burslem. and again in Bailey's British Directory of 1784, where the entry is expanded and reads, Daniel, Walter, Manufacturer of cream colour and red Earthenware. 

1802 newportIn 1793 he built the Newport pottery and house in the southern part of Burslem township at the side of the Trent & Mersey (Grand Trunk) Canal and he commissioned the construction of the Burslem Branch Canal, which began at the other side of his property and ran north into Burslem.  He took his sons Walter junior and William into partnership with him.  The partnership was dissolved in 1801 and Walter senior married for a second time in 1802 retiring to a large manor house in Cheshire.  The factory is listed in the name of Walter Daniel at no. 24 on A Map of the Potteries published by J. Albut & Son in 1802.    In July 1803 Walter Daniel jun. of Newport advertised an auction of the furniture, house, earthenware manufactory, and utensils . It seems likely the sale was not successful as the property, now vacant, is listed for sale again in February 1804 and the utensils are listed again for sale in February and August 1805.  It is recorded that the factory was acquired by John Davenport in 1810.

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