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Liverpool Porcelain (Makers)

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8The early Liverpool porcelain makers, Wm Reid and Co (1756-61), Richard Chaffers & Co (1756-1765) and Samuel Gilbody (c1758-1760), did not apply printed decoration to their wares.  However, examples of all three factories are found with overglaze prints.  These were applied by the independent printers  Sadler and Green.  Philip Christian (1765-78) seems to have applied overglaze prints to some of his porcelain, while other pieces were printed by Sadler and Green.  Christian also introduced underglaze blue printing to Liverpool.

James Pennington (c1768-c1773) did a little printing, both overglaze and underglaze, and his porcelain is also found with Sadler prints. The factories of John and Jane Pennington (c1770-1794) and Seth Pennington (1778-c1804) both had a large output of underglaze blue printed wares and also carried out a little overglaze printing.

The factory of Thomas Wolfe & Co (c1797-1800) mainly decorated its hybrid-hard-paste porcelain with underglaze blue prints.

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Hillis, Maurice. 2011. Liverpool porcelain 1756-1804. Great Britain: Maurice Hillis. In particular: chapter 10 discusses the large number of blue prints found on Liverpool soft-paste porcelain; chapter 11 discusses the blue prints found on the hard-paste porcelain of Wolfe & Co; and chapter 14 discusses overglaze printing on Liverpool porcelain.