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Simon Francois Ravenet (Engraver)

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1Simon Francois Ravenet (1706?-1774) was a Parisian engraver employed by the Battersea enamel factory 1753-1755. It seems likely that he engraved the copper-plates with La Marchande d’Oeufs, La Vandangeuse, and le Marchand d’Oiseaux (all following engravings by J. Daulle after Boucher) found as overglaze prints on saltglazed stoneware plates, and now thought to have been printed at Battersea. His signature as engraver is found on prints on enamelled metalwork but not on ceramics. His style was a major influence upon Robert Hancock.

In 1758 Ravenet helped the French industrial chemist Brolliet to escape to France, and is the most likely source of the English technique for ceramic printing which Brolliet described when he was debriefed on his return to France.   

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