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Wirksworth (Maker)

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The small, short-lived porcelain factory in the town of Wirksworth, Derbyshire is well documented. Building materials were supplied in 1772 and by December 1773 an agent was sought for sale of its wares in London.Invoices are made out to the 'Wirksworth China Works'.  The last reference to the business is a notice in the Derby Mercury in May 1777 when the factory with raw materials, moulds, and finish wares were offered for sale.  

Excavations at the facory site have revealed fragments of earthenware and of porcelain of a bone-ash composition.  There was some underglaze blue decoration but too fragmentary and distorted to be described in any detail.  So far as is known there is no definitively attributable pieces of Wirksworth but the evidence suggests that wares were made, experience suggest that will be unmarked.

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