Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Plants

Date: about 1835


  • Height: 5.50 in (13.97 cm)

Maker: Enoch Wood & Sons

Worker's Mark:



A molded earthenware jug printed in four colors with the Wild Roses and Auriculas pattern. The four color transfer design includes black sprays of flowers alternating with white scroll work on a border of blue, and another spray of auricula and wild roses in pink and green transfer on the body of the jug.  The black linear border design printed on the exterior is repeated on the interior of the jug. The attribution to Enoch Wood is based on archaeological evidence from a TimeTeam dig in Burslem, a discussion of the multicoloured printed wares recovered can be found at  Multi-color printing on ceramics – its earlier than you think: Transferware Collectors Club Bulletin, Vol. XVI No. 2 2015 3-5 or a brief article can be seen on the Northern Cermaic Society website here.