MARQs WELLINGTON IN THE FIELD OF BATTLE".  The scene is dominated by the figure of Wellington on horseback with his sword raised and pointed forward. Wellington's title of Marquis (not yet Duke) shows that this commemorates his victories in the Peninsular War. The Battle of Waterloo was still in the future.

On the reverse is a printed and painted scene entitled "THE NARROW ESCAPE OF BONEY THROUGH A WINDOW".  The scene shows a large man carrying Napoleon Bonaparte on his back moving away from a small building where another man leans out of the window brandishing a sword.  It is suggested that this latter print depicts a baseless newspaper story that a large Frenchman carried Napoleon to safety from attacking Cossacks.  The print source for this design has not been identified. This reference to events of 1812-1813 suggests that the jug was printed very soon afterwards.  

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Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent (Cer_1496)


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Source Description:

Portrait of the future 1st Duke of Wellington when Marquess, whole length on horseback in military uniform, riding to left on a hill, pointing forward with a baton, turning back in the saddle; soldiers on horsebacks behind, river with bridge beyond, church in background at left; after Agostino Aglio and Peter Turnerelli. 1813 Etching and...

Additional Image:

Reverse of the jug with a satirical print of Napoleon effecting an escape from the Russians.


Showing the painted device beneath the lip of the jug.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Commemorative, Heraldic and Historical Events

Date: c. 1813-1814


  • Height: 4.45 in (11.30 cm)

Maker: Unknown


Small jug, pearlware, with printed, painted, and luster decoration. A band of silver luster at the neck has a resist pattern of stylized flowers and foliage, the handle has three vertical bands of silver luster.  On one side is a printed and painted design titled "MARQs WELLINGTON IN THE FIELD OF BATTLE".  The scene is dominated by the figure of Wellington on horseback with...