An example with this print in the Doncaster Museum is marked WEDGWOOD & CO. for Ralph Wedgwood, probably at the Hill Pottery, Burslem.

" /> Printed British Pottery & Porcelain | jug

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The other side is printed with Masonic emblems and the figures of three Masons. The printer evidently thought "The Last Drop" was a subject that would appeal to potential Masonic customers.


Drink and to hell with the consequences?


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Genre Scenes

Date: c. 1788-1800


  • Height: 7.05 in (17.90 cm)
  • Length: 6.61 in (16.80 cm)
  • Width: 4.92 in (12.50 cm)

Maker: Ralph Wedgwood (probably)


Creamware jug printed with the phrase "The Last Drop" in which the figure of Death strikes with his dart a man drinking the last drop of punch from a punchbowl. Eighteenth-century punch consisted of brandy (or rum) with lemons (or limes) and sugar, and was the equivalent of a lethally strong 'alcopop'. One user complained that drinking it made him lose sensation in his...