PEACE Signed at AMIENS between ENGLAND FRANCE SPAIN AND HOLLAND March 27, 1802". and "Bristol Pottery".

The brief Peace of Amiens inspired only a few commemorative items, unlike contemporary battles and victories which were always popular with the public and souvenir manufacturers. 

" /> Printed British Pottery & Porcelain | Mug
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Sutcliffe-Smith Collection

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Side view of the mug.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Commemorative, Heraldic and Historical Events

Date: 1802


  • Height: 3.74 in (9.50 cm)

Maker: Bristol Pottery

Maker's Mark:

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Earthenware mug, transfer-printed in brown and hand-colored. The design of this mug shows two female figures in classical dress standing before the flags of the signing nations, holding a laurel branch and a cornucopia. The monument at which they stand is surmounted by palm and laurel sprays, and the background depicts peaceful scenes of docks and commerce. The mug is inscribed "PEACE Signed at...