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When the mug is empty and you turn it upside down, the happy faces have turned into miserable ones.

"That Form once o'er with angry Brow/ The Married Pair both Peevish grow/ All night and day they scold and growl/ She calls him Ass he calls her Fool."

Turning the beer-mug upside down makes the decoration part of a drinking game, and this may have helped to sell the mug.


Shape Type: Miscellaneous

Pattern Type: Miscellaneous

Date: c. 1780-1800


  • Height: 5.79 in (14.70 cm)
  • Length: 5.79 in (14.70 cm)
  • Width: 4.33 in (11.00 cm)

Maker: John Warburton at Carr's Hill Pottery

Printer: John Warburton

Printer's Mark:

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Creamware mug printed in black, made by John Warburton at Carr's Hill Pottery, Gateshead,and probably printed at the factory since 'J Warburton N C Tyne' is the printed, and only, mark. NC stands for Newcastle. Gateshead is on the south bank of the River Tyne, but John Warburton also had a shop on the Quayside from at least 1770. Newcastle, on the north bank...