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Source Description:

This engraving of 1741 is by Jacques Philippe le Bas and is after a painting by Jean Baptiste Chardin entitled  Le Négligé ou Toilette du Matin. It is the source for the main print on the Bow plate.

Additional Image:

This print appears on the rim of the plate.  It is part of The Toys.


This print of children also appears on the rim of the plate.  It is also part of The Toys.  These two small prints also appear as subsidiary prints on Bow bowls with the entire scene as the main print.  See item 8.6 in 18th Century English Transfer-Printed Porcelain by J. M. Handley and item 57 in Bow Porcelain by Gordon & Sue Guy-Jones.


Shape Type: Dinner & Dessert Wares

Pattern Type: Genre Scenes

Date: c. 1757-1760


  • Diameter: 7.99 in (20.30 cm)

Maker: Bow


This octagonal Bow porcelain plate is printed in purple enamel with Le Négligé after Jean Baptiste Chardin: a lady is shown adjusting a young girl's headdress in a bedroom with a paneled background.  There are five subsidiary prints around the rim of the plate.  Two of these are split prints taken from The Toys. One shows a lady holding a flower spray in her left...