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This design is also found with additional enamel coloring.  This example was lot 228 in the Bonhams sale on the 23 January 2008 of the Sir Jeremy Lever collection .


Shape Type: Breakfast & Tea Wares

Pattern Type: Chinese, Asian and Other Exotic Themes

Date: c. 1760-1765


  • Diameter: 4.49 in (11.40 cm)

Maker: Worcester


This Worcester tea bowl and saucer is transfer printed in black with Les Garcons Chinois. Sometimes the print was tinted with delicate enamel colors. This design is heavily influenced by Pillement and shows two Chinese boys climbing amongst rococo scroll work.  One is sawing through the scroll on which the other is seated. 

The pattern was also produced in underglaze blue at Worcester but examples are rarely found.  It seems that...