Grapevine Border - Enoch Wood & Sons

The Grapevine Border Series by Enoch Wood & Sons was named for the attractive border design consisting of grape vines and leaves, tendrils, and clusters of grapes on a cellular ground. With over eighty documented patterns, it is the largest landscape series of printed wares made.  It is found mainly on dinner and dessert wares and, occasionally, on other utilitarian wares including even a water closet. Most of the scenes were copied from prints by John Preston Neale in his Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Many of the examples included in this exhibition are accompanied by an image of the original source prints.  The design of its standard printed mark consists of a flower encrusted ribbon on which the name and location of the view is printed.  Nearly all of the eighty known patterns are included in this exhibit.