The World - Wallis Gimson & Co.

Influenced by the Aesthetic Movement, the patterns in this series reflect the period’s keen interest in nature and travel to exotic lands.  Wallis Gimson's designs featured exotic blooming orchids and wildflowers mixed often with maiden hair fern fronds and butterflies. The central elements of the design are two cartouches each with a separate world-renowned city, building, architectural feature, or monument. All of the patterns were printed in dark brown with two versions produced; one in the single underglaze brown and the second printed in brown and painted with four vibrant colors underglaze.  Gilding on the edge of the border is occasionally found on the printed and painted version. This series of patterns was first registered on May 27, 1884, with production ending sometime prior to the close of the factory in 1890.  A source for the many views used for this series has not yet been identified.