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Jeremiah Evans (Engraver)

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1In 1757 Evans moved from London to Liverpool and advertised as an engraver in the Liverpool Chronicle. There is porcelain whose decoration printed in Liverpool includes the signature ‘Sadler Liverp[oo]l En[ame]l. Evans sc[ulpsit], meaning that Evans engraved it and Sadler printed it over the glaze. Evans was a Freemason, and in 1753 Evans engraved and published a list of Freemasons’ Lodges. A certificate issued by the Sea Captains’ Lodge in Liverpool is signed ‘Bro[ther] Evans fecit.’ An engraved summons to a meeting of the Order of Bucks in Liverpool is also signed ‘J Evans fecit Liverpool.’ The style of these matches very closely the Masonic and Order of Bucks decoration printed by Sadler and Green in Liverpool on porcelain, delftware tiles and Wedgwood creamware. The copper-plates for these were evidently engraved by Evans. He was working in Liverpool until at least 1785 when he revised the copper-plates used for printing the Chart of the River Mersey.  

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